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Boo and Henry's BBQ

BBQ HOT Variety 4-Pack

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Turn up the volume with this high-heat 4-pack featuring rich, lip-smacking goodness that will satisfy those cravings and have guests coming back for more.

This authentic Southern mix of 3 barbecue sauces and 1 dry rub seasoning will enhance the flavor and tenderness of anything you make! It comes with everything you'll need to marinate it, baste it, dip it, and pour it, and shake it on! Includes 4 bottles:

  • Burnin' Hot Love BBQ Seasoning - 12.9oz. bottle
  • Smokin' Hot BBQ Sauce - 18oz. bottle
  • Red Hot Vinegar BBQ Sauce - 18oz. bottle
  • Carolina Red Hot Mustard Sauce - 18oz. bottle

Use before and while cooking, and just before serving:

  • Season and dress ribs, brisket or any other meat or poultry of choice.
  • Use as you would your favorite seasoning, marinade, and dressing.
  • Sprinkle or pour it on steamed or grilled vegetables.
  • Dip those wings, veggies, potato skins, and more! 
  • Spread that mustard onto your favorite sandwich or wrap

Endless lip-smacking options